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Choose your product expertize & upload your portfolio. We moderate your application & revert with a decision within 48hours.


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Opt-in for recently reported problems in the bucket with your unique solution. We present “Your Answers”  immediately to the customer on your behalf.


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Helpful answers see the strike rate of more than 30%. Offer 1on1 assistance when a client initiates a support request.

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Download 'Censor App'  to  access all features together. Take questions, chat live, request more info, get payment authorizations, handle support tickets & much more.


Select your working hours

Choose your working hours right inside application. Use one-click “Available”  to start taking questions. Tap “Offline” when you're out for a break. In-app notifications allow you to handle matters requiring urgent attention.


Start taking questions

You get a notification each time a new question hits the basket. Tap “Answer”  to answer or “Skip” to ignore the question. 


Engage via Live Chat

A chat window pops up automatically if a user considers your proposed solution. Each new chat is linked to its Support Ticket marked as Open


Solve Problems

Start by educating them about troubleshooting steps, solutions, risks involved, data protections & clarity of the service cost etc. Transparency is the key to build long term user-client relationship.


Request Payment Auth.

Request for a payment authorization before finishing up the task. Tap “Pay Later”  enter the “Amount” & click SEND . Censor automatically sends an authorization email for clients to acknowledge & accept.


Close 'Support Ticket'

Experts are required to close a support ticket after the task is completed & to be ready to connect with next client. We send an automated email to know client's overall experience & feedback.


Collect 'Payments'

Experts are restricted to use only below payment methods to collect payments


Please note: Request of payments using gift cards, prepaid cards, itunes or echeck is again an attempt to leverage payment systems to commit fraud.


Feedbacks & Rewards

We keep a close eye at entire process by enforcing support tickets, feedback emails & manual verifications. It helps us to Reward good & Block bad profiles accurately. Each positive feedback improves your profile & gets more exposure to potential clients.

Take pride in each problem you solve

Below is what we consider an attempt of SCAM


Unauthorized Payments

Collecting payments not mentioned in Authorization Email are marked as scam. Take appropriate authorizations prior to collecting additional payments, if applicable.


Improper Payment Methods

Experts are advised to use only suggested payment methods to collect their service fee. Any methods used apart from Master/ Visa/ Amex/ Discover/ PayPal is considered an attempt of scam.


A Negative Feedback

Please note, a negative feedback that relates to an illegal activity reported by the clients would lead to permanent suspension of the accounts. Clients will always have the right to initiate a chargeback.

Support Plans

Types of support contracts you can offer

One Time Fix

Long Term Contracts



Available to every newly registered expert in the community. An individual expert is entitled to offer only

One Time Fix to the originally reported issue.  



An expert or group of experts registered under an organisation are eligible to offer One Time Fix or monthly support contracts.


Contract Duration

Payment authorization request or invoice raised by an expert automatically mentions the contract expiration date. (i.e. 15th day since the support ticket was closed.) Expert's identity, original issue & contact information is automatically populated.


Contract Duration

Payment authorization request or invoice raised by experts on behalf of the organisation, are required to have a clear mention of the contract period (max 6 months) & nature of support offered. Organisation's contact details, expert's identity & original issue is automatically populated.


Support Responsibility

Experts are bound to offer extended support in case of re-occurrence of original issue. Please note, a client can seeks unlimited assistance within a period of 15days before the contract expires. SupportCensor facilitates the process by allowing clients to raise a request, schedule appointments & send prompt in-app notifications to experts.


Support Responsibility

While supportCensor facilitates the process by allowing clients to raise a request, schedule appointments & send prompt in-app notifications to experts, a client may choose to contact support provider directly & resolve the issue. Experts, post providing a resolution are required to mark the case as resolved. It helps SC to disregard any negative impact on the organisation.

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