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  • Can't buy Lindens because of the transaction fee
  • Cannot login anymore
  • The game keeps logging me out

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Our relation to Second Life

SupportCensor has no direct or indirect relation with Second Life. Only, it tries to bring every possible support alternative (official / independent / local / on-site etc), together, at one place. This saves consumers from traveling across the internet in search for trusted support options. Considering the fact that, support informations, over the internet today are highly untrustworthy, need for such a platform gets extremely important. We're continuously putting efforts to improve our services to the best.

How to find official official help for 'Second Life' issues?

The Support Page

Second Life has a dedicated support subdomain at to host all of its customer service resource. Although, content language is auto detected on the website but additionally you see the option to change it to either of five different ones.

A horizontal menu bar on the top introduces few important links to the visitor. Important one’s being ‘Second Life’ introduction’, ‘world map’, ’Shopping portal’, ‘Buying Land’, or accessing community & help resources.

Try Search Box for a solution

First step, when you look forward to find a solution to second life problem is, to make a search for the query. This in return connects you the available help resources across the knowledge base, community or support forums.

Community Page

A question in mind can straightway be asked on the community forums present at , where other users can pick and answer it in no time.

Knowledge Base

Second Life provides a rich knowledge base at . Answers to common questions, with easy to guide instructions can be found here.

Second Life Video Library

Reading an article in order to fix a problem or find correct ways to solve, can sometimes be tiring & confusing. So, Second Life has taken an step ahead to simplify problem solving for it’s users. A large Video library backs users with most of their questions in mind.

Billing Support

On the bottom right, we see a set of important links to avail better customer service. To help users with their billing issues, a dedicated page is present at .

A dedicated 'Contact Support' Page

We find a ‘Contact Support’ page aside of every support material present on the website. While most of the resident’s problems can be solved much earlier before someone reaches this page, a few technical or billing issues may need more further help.

Second Life Phone Number (Limited to Billing only queries)

Second Life offers an 800 Toll-Free phone number for US & Canada residents, while the second number is for offshore users. (Please not that the numbers can be used to reach customer service only for billing related problems.)

Raising a Ticket for Technical Assistance

For technical assistance, company offers a ‘Submit a Support Case form’ where users can enter all the relevant information & raise a support request.

Second Life Live Chat Support (Specifically for Paid Members)

We also find a chat support option available on the website for faster solution to tech related issues. Again, the service can be used by only premium or concierge users of Second Life.

Second Life, a company that offers 'Second Life' virtual world

Second Life, launched in mid 2003, as the name speaks is an online virtual world. The service was launched by Linden Labs, a San Francisco-based company. Within next 10 years Second Life, expanded it’s reach to over a million regular users. Although one would assume the service to be similar to online multi player games but company states it to be completely different, with no set goal objectives.

Users, what they call ‘Residents’ create ‘Avatars’ to represent themselves in the virtual second world named ‘Grid’. Residents can typically perform virtual actions like buying & selling properties, interacting with other resident, participating in activities, building shops & what not. Second life has launched it’s own currency named ‘Linden Dollar’ that can be exchanged with real world one.

Teens between 13-15 are restricted to the user of only specific institutions like, schools etc. While residents above 15 can enjoy the access of complete second like Grid. Residents can themselves create new objects using simple geometrical shapes.

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