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How to find correct Quicken Official Support:

When you look forward to contact Quicken Support, you’ve one or more ways to do it. If you already bookmarked Quicken's official website address, you're lucky enough to get into right hands.

However, search engines are the easiest and widely used methods to find customer service informations today. Try including ‘Official’ related words along with your normal search queries like quicken support phone Number. Add the word 'technical' if you've tech queries. 24/7 Support hours for finding when their customer service is online. Chat or email helpdesk pages can be obtained in the similar fashion. This helps search engines to feed official support page or websites having trademark rights. 99% of the times you'll land on legit companies website. However, if you're a Quickbooks user & looking for help, kindly visit Quickbooks support page.

Things get worse or rather confusing to identify Intuit’s Quicken 'Official' support pages, when search results display PPC ads alongside. Top few positions for such Quicken related searches are acquired by scammers or fake business pretending to be official support page. This makes innocent customers fall prey to scams. It’s always considered good to double check or cross verify websites or toll free numbers before sharing any personal information or access to business data.

Introduction to Quicken

Quicken was developed & first put to action by its parent company Quicken, Inc. Quicken was a part of Intuit, Inc before 2016 and was sold to H I G Capital (a leading global investment firm).

Quicken was the primary product for Intuit even before Quickbooks, built primary in focus to cater the accounting needs of business individuals. So, we can say Quickbooks shared it’s early codes with Quicken before progressively focusing over small to large businesses.

Early version of Quicken were designed to support DOS & Apple II. Quickly, Quicken was customized to wear dedicated product versions. Popular one’s being Quicken for Home, Quicken for Business, Quicken Deluxe, Quicken Rental, Quicken Starter or Quicken Manager. It has a dedicated Quickbooks chat version for Mac users. Before the software started being released as Yearly Versions (Quickbooks 2008), it was numbered as Quicken (Numeral) for DOS, likewise.

Quicken isn’t a popular accounting product in most of the countries. It’s build specifically for US & Canada customers where the software has most of its users. However, core utility of the program can be utilized in any part of the world. Thus, it’s been more or less customized for various business markets like Australia, Germany, New Zealand & other asian countries. Sighting the lesser sales, popularity & tough competition from other accounting programs, sales & support for Quicken UK version was put to an end.

It’s basically a personal financial management software making with a core purpose of recording transactions, financial planning & tracking progress. Quicken offers online services like fetching & recording transactions from various banks automatically. The software is currently provided with a 3years Online & Chat Technical Support services as default.

Another step in offering more to consumers is Quicken for Tracking healthcare expenses. With it managing healthcare expenses & pulling service histories gets easier. Which further helps in producing data for healthcare claims. An interesting offering from Quicken chat support is for parents & kids. This allows parents to teach their children how to earn, plan, spend, save & share money.

Quicken Online was basically offered free by intuit for the first year and as monthly subscription there after. User data were hosted by intuit along with regular updates & upgrades automatically. Another year after acquiring Mint in 2009, Quicken was discontinued as online service in 2010.

Latest offering from Quicken, Inc is Quicken 2018 which can be bought from an store with 2 years of subscription. Specific yearly subscription can be purchased directly on the website

Popularly noticed Quicken issues are:

  • Download Error while adding or updating accounts in Quicken Mac
  • Banks failing to Add or Refresh
  • Quicken Connect CC-898 / -28 Download Error
  • Quicken crashes after installing R10.10 on Windows
  • Issues accessing Quicken
  • Error “It’s not your fault” / “oops something went wrong”
  • Unable to signin due to Quicken outage
  • quicken error cc-503, cc -508
  • quicken problem not downloading or duplicate transactions 2017 or 2018 
  • Quicken not updating
  • quicken error cc-502, cc-506
  • errors during quicken cloud sync
  • quicken capital one download error
  • quicken mondo patch
  • unable to print checks in quicken
  • http://quicken.com/go/installing
  • quicken error cc-501
  • quicken 2018, 2019 update

Useful Information

With continuous use any software or program, it’s obvious to experience minor or major software issues. Consumers are advised to reach Quicken official support for direct support as software comes up with a free 3 year technical support by default.

Easiest way to reach official support is looking up Supportcensor.com for official Quicken contact information.

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