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Our relation to Quickbooks

SupportCensor has no direct or indirect relation with Quickbooks. Only, it tries to bring every possible support alternative (official / independent / local / on-site etc), together, at one place. This saves consumers from traveling across the internet in search for trusted support options. Considering the fact that, support informations, over the internet today are highly untrustworthy, need for such a platform gets extremely important. We're continuously putting efforts to improve our services to the best.

How to find official customer service info for Quickbooks?

In order to contact intuit's Quickbooks support & find their correct customer service information, you’ve got one or more ways to do it. If you already have the intuit’s official website address, consider; you pretty much have solved the puzzle to get to the right department.

However, search engines are the easiest and widely used methods to find any such information today. To find phone number related information, try including ‘Official’, ‘intuit’ related words along with your normal search queries for support. For tech support, technical assistance or to know support hours, include the same in search phrase. Again, follow the same pattern if you prefer to contact via chat or email. This helps search engines find your intent and display you the more relevant official information.

Things get worse or rather confusing to identify Quickbooks 'Official' support pages, when search results include websites running on paid marketing. Top few positions for such Quickbooks related searches are often held by 3rd party websites or business, falsely presenting themselves as official support (beware, at times they look similar in design & layout). Unfortunately, search results are the biggest entry point for scams to happen. It’s always advisable to verify the ProAdvisor or Company name before allowing them access to your Quickbooks program. Quickbooks support is often termed as QB support in misleading paid ads. If you're a Quicken user & looking to find complete support information, please visit Quicken Support page. 

Quickbooks, origin & evolving as a widely used accounting program

Quickbooks is developed & owned by its parent company Intuit, which was founded in year 1983 by Scott Cook & Tom Proulx in California. The call for developing Quickbooks as small business software came after the success of Quicken being an individual financial management software.

Software got its popularity as it was primarily focused to help small business owners those had no formal accounting training & knowledge. At the birth of Quickbooks, it was still sharing the codebase of Quicken, it’s predecessor. Since start, Quickbooks was available on Mac & Windows operating systems as in house accounting tool. All of its simplicity, ease of access & operability very quickly added fuel to acquire 85% of then small business market share. Calling it, the software sat on to command accounting market is no joke. 

Despite all, the Professional accountants weren’t too satisfied with the early releases of the Quickbooks, problems being poor security, no audit trails & traditional accounting structure. Sighting the problem, intuit quickly started working on upbringing features like full audit trail, double entry accounting etc by the year 2000. Quickbooks & its support phone number was basically categories into two; Basic & Pro (which are still alive in its main stream) followed by addressing Industry specific versions for retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, professionals or non-profits. This covered more or less every business type & further attracting new Quickbooks users by far being the simple & best accounting tool to handle & execute. 

Next big thing, came into picture in 2002 was Quickbooks Enterprise version focussed over to cater the accounting problems of medium size businesses. By now company has achieved some amazing figures. Quickbooks had approximately 75% market share in US alone, it’s share of retail units in accounting roared to 95%. Quickbooks ProAdvisor support number program had already added more than half a lac accountants, business consultants & CPAs to its success. All of this came between year 2005 to 2008.

Quickbooks year specific versions

First yearly version of Quickbooks, appeared as ‘Quickbooks 2015’. It brought lots of further changes requested by its consumers, popular one’s being detailed homepage, better registration processes, added notes & smooth income trackers. It’s successor, ‘Quickbooks 2016’ further contributed to features like bulk delete/void transactions, feed level printer support, bill tracking, batch transactions & related actions. Then came Quickbooks 2017 with various advanced features like automated reports & smart search. 

Popular Quickbooks versions:

  • Quickbooks Pro
  • Quickbooks Pro Plus
  • Quickbooks Enterprise
  • Quickbooks Point of Sale
  • Quickbooks Premier Plus
  • Quickbooks Premier Desktop
  • Quickbooks Accountant Desktop
  • Quickbooks Desktop Pro
  • Quickbooks Payroll
  • Quickbooks Enhanced Payroll
  • Quickbooks Assisted Payroll
  • Quickbooks Desktop Enterprise
  • Quickbooks Desktop Assisted
Advanced features within Quickbooks

Without a few essentially added features Quickbooks could be a little tasteless. Those are remote access capabilities, which allows users to access & control their Quickbooks softwares remotely. Remote payroll assistance, allowing businesses to outsource part & portion of its work to individuals or professionals. Inclusion of electronic payments that further fits seamless with identifying online banking transactions, recording & reconciling. 

Connectivity to Google based services like, Google Maps & Google advertising have further opened doors of business popularity & expansion. Email functionality gets powered by Outlook. Largest change in terms of support & feature was in 2007, when Quickbooks Enterprise was shifted to run only on linux servers from windows due to various related reasons. 

It’s worth mentioning Quickbooks Point of Sale to be by far the best tool for retailers, replacing their cash registers, track sales, inventory & customers information together.

'Quickbooks Online' at it's best

Quickbooks Online is the latest offering from intuit that stands in Cloud & parallel to existing Quickbooks which is installed & operated from any standalone device. Company’s focus on this version of Quickbooks is to allow users to use the software for a regular monthly subscription, freeing from any upfront fee or software purchase. This allows users to control the software on web browsers from various locations. Quickbooks online is completely independent of upgrading, updating & taking all those critically important measures of hosting the software & securing company data files. Quickbooks on cloud has various features those work different from its ‘Quickbooks Desktop’ sibling. Currently it’s available to be used across any operating systems & mobile devices, thereby extending it’s reach to the fullest.

By November 2017, company spoke to have more than 2.55 million Quickbooks online subscribers. A clear growth from 624,000 subscribers in 2014 as per wikipedia.

Quickbooks ProAdvisors, THE BACKBONE

Anybody can be a Quickbooks ProAdvisor, a bookkeeper, accountant or CPA who has cleared intuit administered exam or one or more of its product versions. This is an standard set to define the proficiency & knowledge of an individual relating the to he program and needs to be re-certified every year. 

One can search for the ProAdvisors on intuit ProAdvisor website or ask Chat bot on supportcensor.com. It’s always advisable to find ProAdvisor from same business category for seamless guidance & support.

Other useful links:


  • www.quickbooks.com/support
  • www.quickbooks.com/manuals
  • www.quickbooks.com/download2019
  • www.quickbooks.com/download2018
  • www.quickbooks.com/download2017
  • https://quickbooks.intuit.com/learn-and-support
  • https://community.intuit.com/products/quickbooks-help-en-us
  • https://community.intuit.com/quickbooks-online
  • https://help.quickbooks.intuit.com/en_US/contact
  • https://community.intuit.com/quickbooks-desktop

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