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AOL Inc., before becoming AOL (2006) was known originally by America Online. A subsidiary of Verizon, Oath promotes it as a styled brand name ‘Aol’. It’s been a trusted online service provider since long. One of it’s early offered services was PlayNET which hosted various ‘Multiplayer Games’. PlayNET was legally named as Quantum Link & was offered as an online service in late 1985. Q-link slowly started focussing over non-gaming online products including other services. Soon after non-gaming services were given the name ‘America Online’, Q-link came to a closure in 1995 exactly 10 years after it’s origin. While the other sibling AOL (Offering non-gaming services) had by then built approximately +20M active users. 

AOL being one of the reputed service providers even in it’s early days use to provide dial-up internet services to millions of Americans. Other popular service offerings from AOL were: 

* Web Portal (https://www.
* AOL Email (https://login.
* AIM, AOL Instant Messenger (discontinued on December 15, 2017)
* AOL Browser, previously known as AOL Explorer (discontinued)
* AOL Active Virus Shield (developed by Kaspersky)
* AOL Video (https://www.
* AOL Local (Yellow Pages & Local Search)
* AOL News (https://www.
* AOL My eAddress
* Xdrive (discontinued on December 31, 2008)

Company saw it’s popularity heights when it acquired Netscape (one of the hottest browser in 90s, lately was bought by Microsoft) & Time Warner being the largest merger U.S history. 

AOL started to see downfall with declining usages of dial-up & increasing interest in broadband Connections. All of this lead to AOL being separated from Time Warner in 2009 & another 6 years later it was bought by Verizon Communications.

AOL Desktop

AOL Desktop is a complete integration of a web browser, an instant messenger & a media player. AOL Desktop version 10.X primarily focussed over browsing & emailing experience. While in the previous AOL Browsers or AOL desktop versions one needed to login to their AOL email before be able to browser internet. Version 10.X allowed users to browse non-Aol email accounts too. 

AOL Desktop Gold, is being offered as premium product for enhanced security & speed. Users stay getting automatic updates & it does make transition from previous version easier. 

Common AOL Email related issues:

  • ‘Sent Folder’ shows emails you can’t recognize ever being sent
  • Unable to send emails
  • Failed to verify image captcha while sending emails
  • Images or Photos missing in your Sent or Receive emails
  • Noticeable suspicious activities with email account
  • Unable to login your email or reset your password

How to find out AOL Contact Information

It's always advisable to contact AOL support directly form their official website. You can also contact using the above information. Bookmark official website addresses or save Aol support phone numbers as contact. 

However if you've no information handy, open your favorite search engine & make a query for keywords like aol email support phone number, include technical for tech related help. 24/7 Email Hours etc for email help timings. This helps search engines find your intent and display you the correct official information. Same pattern has to be followed if you're looking for chat option.

When results are confusing or misleading, try prefixing word like 'Official' 'Customer Service' or identify trademarks (AOL) in website addresses. Avoid relying on Paid ads (Top few results those include 'Ad' symbol in the ad title) & rely on SEO results.

Free Support:

AOL basically offers 48 hours response time to address your AOL Mail issues. As the email service is free, they only offer an email support to handle such a high volume. 

AOL MyBenefit Support ( :

With a paid support plan you get additional options to contact them immediately via 24/7 chat or phone support. 

For official support information or alternative support options keep yourself updated with www. 

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