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Increasing cases of frauds and threat to cyber security is one of the major concerns for everyone. Fraudulent calls, text messages, getting fake links had made very difficult to protect our privacy. So, in order to prevent ourselves from these activities we must install antivirus software so as to secure the private details and other confidential data from the attacks of hackers and the frauds. NORTON ANTIVIRUS provides the best security to your PC in this segment of software. It detects every single virus present in an external file. It has a quick scan feature which makes it different from other software. Norton security protects your PC from malware attacks and don’t let any virus being undetected. It has some other features like:

COMMON Problems which Do not have other antiviruses

1) Anti-theft feature: This feature helps you when your PC or mobile phone gets stole. It provides you all the information about the last location, what activities does thief is doing with your phone/PC.

2) Prevents spamming: Spamming means sending the same type of messages to a large number of users. NORTON SECURITIES don’t let any spam messages to enter your PC or smartphone.

3) Blocks Phishing: Phishing means getting unwanted fake emails from hackers which pretend to be from the big company in front of you but in actual they are fraudulent.

4) Prevent identity theft: It secures all your account details like name, contact number from your profile. 

5) Protects from visiting unsecured websites: Norton security feature will immediately warn you whenever you visit an unsecured website. Unsecured websites are responsible for letting the viruses and spyware enter in your PC. Spyware helps the hacker to access all your data files with an ease.

It is available for all types of PC’s and smartphones whether it is for windows, iPads, MacBook, Androids, iPhone etc. Buying premium subscription will let you access all the features mentioned above. It has an yearly subscription pack which has to be renewed after one year. There are lot of choices for the user according to the cost and the features it provides.  

Norton antivirus blocks any kind of suspicious activity on your PC. Our suggestion is not to download files from unknown sources. Don’t visit any website which is not secure as it can be harmful for your PC in many ways. Don’t make a transaction or enter your banking details until and unless it has 128bit Encryption in it. These fake sites can steal all your banking details like card number, PIN, CVV and will use it against you in future. Norton securities will make sure of these things by indicating before you do anything wrong with yourself.

It is just not the formality to install the antivirus software on your PC but it has become a need for everyone because data privacy is one of the priority concerns which one should never want to compromise with. So, our recommendation is to purchase the yearly subscription of NORTON as soon as possible because you may become victim of these hackers anytime. If you like our blog then please share this on social media as much as possible because a campaign has to be made to prevent everyone’s security to make a digital society which have no fears!            

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