Save HUNDREDS  of HOURS in manual entry each month

Top 3 Programs to convert transaction files to a format your accounting software imports

Recommended BEST for every accounting program & business type

1. ProperSoft

  • Import transactions from your bank into  QuickBooks (PC/Mac/Online), Quicken, Xero, Excel/CSV, Sage (50/One), Wave Accounting, MS Money, REACT, MYOB and others
  • Supported ( to and from ) CSV/Excel, PDF, QIF, QFX, QBO, IIF, OFX, TXT
  • Used by many  accountants, CPAs, QuickBooks Pro Advisors, bookkeepers
  • Relatively costlier & recommended best for mostly PDF conversions

    2. moneythumb

    • Intelligent Document Recognition

    • Automatic Reconciliation

    • Payee Cleanup

    • Excellent PDF recognition & conversion

    • For individuals, small business, professionals & lenders.

    Costliest but competitive & recommended only for enterprise users

    3. Scan Writer

    • Enterprise-level Program

    • Strongest contender, but costly.

    • Best in class csv/Quickbooks conversion

    • For professionals & lenders.

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