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Buying a new engine for your ‘Old Car’ is certain not a clever idea but obtaining a used engine motor definitely is.  

Important Tips for Buying a Used Engines

Collect relevant information about your vehicle

First step is to find the correct engine specifications of your car or other vehicle. That includes Make & Model Number, year of production, gas type (Petrol or Diesel). This will help to easily get quotes from the potential dealers or direct sellers.

How to find an engine supplier 

You’ve several ways to find & buy the required used engine. 

Check our website & search for ‘used engines’. We’ll supply you the details of local sellers available in your area. You can also contact your local engine mechanics if they can help. 

Alternatively, you can check ‘Yellow pages’ for nearby used or rebuilt engine supplier. Do the same query from your preferred search engines ‘Google’ or ‘Bing’ suffixing your ‘location’. This helps to obtain customized engine details based on your location.

Shortlisting right engine for your vehicle

Once you’ve list of available engines specific to your car or truck (any vehicle). 

Ask them the mileage of the engineThis includes asking them a free Vehicle History Report. This is required for engines in a used vehicle. Auto check or Carfax to verify the ‘distance per km’ of the engine.

Don’t forget to ask the engine details - Get as much details as possible. Like ‘any damage’ or previous ‘front or rear impact’ or else buying a used engine can end up into larger headache. 

What includes a ‘USED ENGINE’’

Usually a used engine includes - blocks, heads & internal components. These don’t change year to year & that frequently. Be selective in transferring correct parts from your old engine to new one. 

Discounts on Used Engines

You can easily negotiate with the seller for an already used engine. Usually engines are priced at 10-15% of the actual vehicle cost. But final decision lies with the individual seller only. 

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