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Solved- Import banking transactions into CSV/QBO

Save HUNDREDS  of HOURS in manual entry each month

Top 3 Programs to convert transaction files to a format your accounting software imports

Recommended BEST for every accounting program & business type

1. ProperSoft

  • Import transactions from your bank into  QuickBooks (PC/Mac/Online), Quicken, Xero, Excel/CSV, Sage (50/One), Wave Accounting, MS Money, REACT, MYOB and others
  • Supported ( to and from ) CSV/Excel, PDF, QIF, QFX, QBO, IIF, OFX, TXT
  • Used by many  accountants, CPAs, QuickBooks Pro Advisors, bookkeepers
  • Relatively costlier & recommended best for mostly PDF conversions

    2. moneythumb

    • Intelligent Document Recognition

    • Automatic Reconciliation

    • Payee Cleanup

    • Excellent PDF recognition & conversion

    • For individuals, small business, professionals & lenders.

    Costliest but competitive & recommended only for enterprise users

    3. Scan Writer

    • Enterprise-level Program

    • Strongest contender, but costly.

    • Best in class csv/Quickbooks conversion

    • For professionals & lenders.

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    How to upgrade or update Quickbooks?

    How to Upgrade or Update Quickbooks?

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    • Upgrade to a new QuickBooks Desktop version
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    • Upgrading software on network

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    How are Quickbooks upgrades different from regular updates?

    Quickbooks Updates:

    - Updates may roll over several times in a calendar year (typically every month) or as & when it’s deemed necessary. 

    - These bring only small changes to the Quickbooks desktop program while keeping other core features untouched.

    - Updates doesn’t incur an extra fee on the part of the consumer, as it’s still the part of regular service to already a paid program.

    - Updates can be released over-the-air (along with making the download file available to download & install manually) for the application to automatically download files from severs without a required action from the user. To be able to use, Quickbooks automatic update, the feature should be left enabled inside the desktop program. Settings to enable can be found under ‘Help’ section in Quickbooks.

    Quickbooks Upgrades

    - Upgrades are typically released once a year or when intuit feels it’s ready with a new or improved program version.

    - Upgrades, as the word speaks itself, bring-in major changes to the desktop program as compared to the regular updates.

    - Upgrades may or may not be paid depending upon the product version & it’s feature offering.

    - As ‘Upgrades’ are entirely a new product offering existing or new improved features, is installed as a fresh program. The program needs to be downloaded from Quickbooks website & installed on desktop as similar as installing it for the first time. This doesn’t required an old program files to be present in computer (except for the old company files those can be imported later).

    Easiest way to obtain official help for Quickbooks Upgrades or Updates

    Update Official Resource

    A nice article in detail can be found at ‘Quickbooks Help’ section under ‘Quickbooks Learn & Support’.

    Please visit for easier instructions on updating your quickbooks. The article describes three different ways to update the program.

    Automatic Update - Program downloads the update files automatically from the Quickbooks servers as & when made available & seeks user permission before installation.

    On-Demand Update - Once the automatic update feature is turned off, users can manual check for updates when needed.

    Manual Update - Manual update is the process that involves complete user involvement. Update files can be downloaded from Quickbooks download page by visiting . One needs to select the correct product version before downloading the correct files. Same files, then can be distributed across target computers (if required) for installation.

    Upgrade Official Resource

    We could find a nice post at Quickbooks ‘community help’ that explains about upgrading to a totally new product version if you don’t have the CD or a flash drive. (url:

    To upgrade to a new Quickbooks program, users can visit the download section on the website using the url above & select the appropriate product type before installation.

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