About Us


SupportCensor.com is a website supported & governed by team of enthusiasts to fight against surging online 'Support Scams' in making this world a better place to live.


- Website offers it's online visitors a platform to find complete & correct OFFICIAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT information at a single CLICK.

- It offers consumers a platform to review & rate their official customer service EXPERIENCES, which gives them voice to express their PAIN POINTS & locate aspects of improvement. Again that helps others to take better decisions.

- To avoid such dissatisfied consumers going in the wrong hands, it offers a channel for them to CONNECT with  local or independent        PROFESSIONS from the same industry.

- All of this, without having a channel to REPORT & RECORD SCAMS seems worthless. So, it allows users to report their scam experience thereby making other innocent consumers be SCAM-PROOF in the future.